About Us

Remember the days of going to the mall? You would spend so much time in the dollar store. Back in the 90's dollar stores were way more awesome than they are now. Everything was cheap, and there was a great selection of fun things. It was like being able to go to a toy store every day.

We want to bring that experience back. So we created the 90's Dollar Store. A place where you can look at all the great stuff and pick some out to have shipped to you.

We put together a collection of nostalgic things, and we are always on the lookout for more things to bring you back to when things were great.

So spend some time looking around at what we have. In this dollar store we won't be following you around and telling you to "buy or get out!".

Now you can get the dollar store experience of the 90's before you go play your classic games and whatever other things you do to take you back to the greatest time ever.